- Hello? Quick, I need a pianist! - Where? When? What for? How? Geneva? Lausanne? Vevey? Yverdon? Bern? Zürich? A classical pianist? Jazz? Variety? - An accompanist, a vocal coach if possible, for three rehearsals, one concert, two auditions and a tour.

- Is it urgent? Or a long-term commitment? - It’s for tomorrow... But I also need a pianist for a competition next month. - Wait, don’t tell me - and for a private party being held by the Countess of Boisdormant? - How did you know? Ah! As a soloist, between two lieder and four violin and trumpet sonatas, that would be perfect. - Hmm... I have a pianist here... But he’s rehearsing with an opera choir at the moment, and then with half a dozen singers in a hotel lobby... I’ll call him when he’s finished. Oops! No, he’s booked for conservatoire examinations. - Please, I beg you, do something, because my pianist broke his arm. Ugh... I’m so annoyed with him. But as they say:

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Pianiste-Secours!

Denis Frenkel, the agency’s founder, is a qualified pianist and accompanist. A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music, over the years he has built up extensive experience of the various situations in which pianists may find themselves.

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We have a database of pianists whose profiles correspond to any potential situation.


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We help you to avoid useless telephone calls and, what’s more, it’s free!

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Widen your professional network and promote your skills as an accompanist.


You will always be free to choose your engagements and you decide your own working conditions.

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You do not have to pay a cut from your fees. The only thing you owe to the agency is a commission whenever you make a new contact.

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